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5′ x 5′ – 25 sq. ft.
Small half bath, small furniture, a chest of drawers, several storage boxes, small items
5′ x 10′ – 50 sq. ft.
Walk in closet, couch and chair, mattress set, wall unit, boxes, small items
7.5′ x 10′ – 75 sq. ft.
Small bedroom, standard one bedroom apartment furnishings excluding appliances, boxes, small items
10′ x 10′ – 100 sq. ft.
Average size bedroom, furnishings from a one and a half bedroom apartment with appliances
10′ x 15′ – 150 sq. ft.
Medium bedroom, complete furnishings from one and a half bedroom including appliances and storage boxes
10′ x 20′ – 200 sq. ft.
Large bedroom, entire contents from a two bedroom apartment or a small house with boxes and small items, no appliances
10′ x 22.5′ – 225 sq. ft.
Average garage, contents of a small house including appliances, car or truck and additional small items
10′ x 25′ – 250 sq. ft.
Medium garage, contractor inventory or medium house contents
10′ x 30′ – 300 sq. ft.
Large garage, contents of medium size house or office surplus